TOSHIBA Satellite C50 Laptop Battery/2200mAh


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Item No.: CS-TOC550NB Capacity: 2200mAh Type: Li-ion Voltage: 14.8V Rate: 32.56Wh Color: Black Dimension: 277.10 x 38.76 x 21.28mm EAN Code: 4894128098249 Net Weight: 207.2g / 7.31oz Gross Weight: 477.2g / 16.83oz

R993 R1,034

3 in stock

Fit Model:
Satellite C50
Satellite C50-A X0012
Satellite C50-A-14G
Satellite C50-A-156
Satellite C50-A-157
Satellite C50-A-1JU
Satellite C50-A245
Satellite C50-AST2NX2
Satellite C50-B
Satellite C50-B Series
Satellite C50-B-02Y
Satellite C50-B031D
Satellite C50-B03E
Satellite C50-B-14D
Satellite C50-B-14Z
Satellite C50-B-IIL
Satellite C50D-B Series
Satellite C50Dt-B Series
Satellite C55-A-1D5
Satellite C55-A-1N0
Satellite C55-A5105?
Satellite C55-A5300
Satellite C55-B Series
Satellite C55-B5100
Satellite C55-B5170
Satellite C55-B5201
Satellite C55-B5296
Satellite C55-B5299
Satellite C55-B5353
Satellite C55-B5355
Satellite C55-C
Satellite C55D
Satellite C55D-A-13U
Satellite C55D-A5240NR
Satellite C55D-B Series
Satellite C55D-B5242
Satellite C55D-B5244
Satellite C55D-B5308
Satellite C55D-B5310
Satellite C55D-C
Satellite C55T-B5110
Satellite C70-C
Satellite C70D-C
Satellite L50-B Series
Satellite L50-B-117
Satellite L50-B-119
Satellite L50-B-11J
Satellite L50-B-11Z
Satellite L50-B-122
Satellite L50-B-12G
Satellite L50-B-12W
Satellite L50-B-133
Satellite L50-B1357
Satellite L50-B-13E
Satellite L50-B-14D
Satellite L50-B-14L
Satellite L50-B-15/
Satellite L50-B-15P
Satellite L50-B-15U
Satellite L50-B-16N
Satellite L50-B-171
Satellite L50-B-173
Satellite L50-B-17G
Satellite L50-B-182
Satellite L50-B-188
Satellite L50-B-18D
Satellite L50-B-191
Satellite L50-B-19T
Satellite L50-B-19W
Satellite L50-B-1CJ
Satellite L50-B-1DC
Satellite L50-B-1DH
Satellite L50-B-1DR
Satellite L50-B-1E2
Satellite L50-B-1E4
Satellite L50-B-1ET
Satellite L50-B-1EZ
Satellite L50-B-1FE
Satellite L50-B-1FG
Satellite L50-B-1FQ
Satellite L50-B-1G0
Satellite L50-B-1G5
Satellite L50-B-1G9
Satellite L50-B-1GQ
Satellite L50-B-1H0
Satellite L50-B-1H3
Satellite L50-B-1HD
Satellite L50-B-1HM
Satellite L50-B-1HR
Satellite L50-B-1J6
Satellite L50-B-1JR
Satellite L50-B-1JU
Satellite L50-B-1K2
Satellite L50-B-1KF
Satellite L50-B-1KH
Satellite L50-B-1L8
Satellite L50-B-1LV
Satellite L50-B-1M1
Satellite L50-B-1M8
Satellite L50-B-1MU
Satellite L50-B-1MW
Satellite L50-B-1NE
Satellite L50-B-1NQ
Satellite L50-B-1NU
Satellite L50-B-1P2
Satellite L50-B-1PQ
Satellite L50-B-1PV
Satellite L50-B-1QE
Satellite L50-B-1QH
Satellite L50-B-1QZ
Satellite L50-B-1R2
Satellite L50-B-1R8
Satellite L50-B-1RC
Satellite L50-B-1RU
Satellite L50-B-1T2
Satellite L50-B-1T6
Satellite L50-B-1TV
Satellite L50-B-1U8
Satellite L50-B-1UC
Satellite L50-B-1UV
Satellite L50-B-1VE
Satellite L50-B-1VK
Satellite L50-B-1VU
Satellite L50-B-1W2
Satellite L50-B-1W6
Satellite L50-B-1WN
Satellite L50-B-1X8
Satellite L50-B-1XC
Satellite L50-B-1XQ
Satellite L50-B-1Z7
Satellite L50-B-212
Satellite L50-B-21F
Satellite L50-B-22H
Satellite L50-B-234
Satellite L50-B-23H
Satellite L50-B-23K
Satellite L50-B-23W
Satellite L50-B-247
Satellite L50-B-24C
Satellite L50-B-24P
Satellite L50-B-24U
Satellite L50-B-250
Satellite L50-B-256
Satellite L50-B-25J
Satellite L50-B-25T
Satellite L50-B-25V
Satellite L50-B-265
Satellite L50-B-272
Satellite L50-B-274
Satellite L50-B-27M
Satellite L50-B-27W
Satellite L50-B-282
Satellite L50-B-28P
Satellite L50-B-2CL
Satellite L50-B-2CN
Satellite L50-B-2D4
Satellite L50-B-2DL
Satellite L50-B-2DP
Satellite L50-B-2E4
Satellite L50-B-2EQ
Satellite L50-B-2EU
Satellite L50-B-2F4
Satellite L50-B-2FM
Satellite L50-B-2FP
Satellite L50-B-2G4
Satellite L50-B-2GE
Satellite L50-B-2HC
Satellite L50-B-2HV
Satellite L50-B-2JF
Satellite L50-B-2JT
Satellite L50-C-10X
Satellite L50-C-112
Satellite L50-C-11M
Satellite L50-C-12V
Satellite L50-C-13C
Satellite L50-C-13H
Satellite L50-C-13W
Satellite L50-C-14N
Satellite L50-C-14Q
Satellite L50-C-156
Satellite L50-C-15G
Satellite L50-C-15J
Satellite L50-C1601
Satellite L50-C-16J
Satellite L50-C-16R
Satellite L50-C-16W
Satellite L50-C-174
Satellite L50-C-17G
Satellite L50-C-17J
Satellite L50-C-17R
Satellite L50-C1874
Satellite L50-C-18W
Satellite L50-C-192
Satellite L50-C1957
Satellite L50-C-1C6
Satellite L50-C-1CJ
Satellite L50-C-1CX
Satellite L50-C-1FF
Satellite L50-C-1G6
Satellite L50-C-1GJ
Satellite L50-C-1H1
Satellite L50-C-1J3
Satellite L50-C-1JE
Satellite L50-C-1N3
Satellite L50-C-1RP
Satellite L50-C-1RX
Satellite L50-C-1TD
Satellite L50-C-1UP
Satellite L50-C-1V8
Satellite L50-C-1VD
Satellite L50-C-1VU
Satellite L50-C-1WK
Satellite L50-C-1WM
Satellite L50-C-1XL
Satellite L50-C-1XU
Satellite L50-C-1Z6
Satellite L50-C-1ZN
Satellite L50-C-201
Satellite L50-C-20G
Satellite L50-C-20R
Satellite L50-C-21H
Satellite L50-C-21K
Satellite L50-C-22D
Satellite L50-C-22Q
Satellite L50-C-230
Satellite L50-C-243
Satellite L50-C-24Z
Satellite L50-C-251
Satellite L50-C-26M
Satellite L50-C-270
Satellite L50-C-272
Satellite L50-C-27N
Satellite L50-C-27Q
Satellite L50-C-29G
Satellite L50-C-29W
Satellite L50-C-2C5
Satellite L50-C-2DG
Satellite L50d-b
Satellite L50D-B Series
Satellite L50D-B-129
Satellite L50D-C-10G
Satellite L50D-C-115
Satellite L50D-C-12X
Satellite L50D-C-130
Satellite L50D-C-153
Satellite L50D-C-16V
Satellite L50D-C-16Z
Satellite L50D-C-18E
Satellite L50D-C-196
Satellite L50D-C-19R
Satellite L50Dt-B Series
Satellite L50t-B Series
Satellite L55-B Series
Satellite L55D
Satellite L55D-B Series
Satellite L55Dt-B Series
Satellite L55t-B Series
Satellite Pro C50-B Series
Satellite Pro C50D-B Series
Satellite Pro C50Dt-B Series
Satellite Pro C55-B Series
Satellite Pro C55D-B Series
Satellite Pro L50-B Series
Satellite Pro L50D-B Series
Satellite Pro L50Dt-B Series
Satellite Pro L50t-B Series
Satellite Pro L55-B Series
Satellite Pro L55D-B Series
Satellite Pro L55Dt-B Series
Satellite Pro L55t-B Series
Satellite Pro R50-B-01R
Satellite Pro R50-B-01T
Satellite Pro R50-C-008
Satellite Pro R50-C-008-1
Satellite Pro R50-C-00C
Satellite Pro S50-B Series
Satellite Pro S50D-B Series
Satellite Pro S50Dt-B Series
Satellite Pro S50t-B Series
Satellite Pro S55-B Series
Satellite Pro S55D-B Series
Satellite Pro S55Dt-B Series
Satellite Pro S55t-B Series
Satellite S50-B Series
Satellite S50-B-020
Satellite S50-B-024
Satellite S50-B-025
Satellite S50-B-120
Satellite S50-B-15F
Satellite S50-B-15N
Satellite S50D-B-102
Satellite S55-B5202SL
Satellite S55-B5203SL
Satellite S55-B5258
Satellite S55-B5266
Satellite S55-B5268
Satellite S55-B5269
Satellite S55-B5280
Satellite S55-B5289
Satellite S55-B5292
Satellite S55D-B Series
Satellite S55Dt-B Series
Satellite S55t-B Series
Satellite S55T-B5233
Satellite S55T-B5234
Satellite S55T-B5239
Satellite S55T-B5260
Satellite S55T-B5273NR
Satellite S55T-B5282
TOSHIBA Satellite S50D-B Series
TOSHIBA Satellite S50Dt-B Series
TOSHIBA Satellite S50t-B Series
TOSHIBA Satellite S55-B Series
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Weight 207.2 g
Dimensions 277.10 × 38.76 × 21.2 mm

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