Laptop Battery HP Spectre 13, Spectre 13T etc.


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Item No.: CS-HPS131NB Capacity: 4750mAh Type: Li-Polymer Voltage: 7.7V Rate: 36.58Wh Color: Black Dimension: 303.65 x 141.50 x 4.52mm EAN Code: 4894128129400 Net Weight: 185g / 6.53oz Gross Weight: 285g / 10.05oz

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20 in stock

Fit Model:
Spectre 13(2016)
Spectre 13T-V000 CTO
Spectre 13T-V100
Spectre 13-V000
Spectre 13-V000NA
Spectre 13-V000NC
Spectre 13-V000ND
Spectre 13-V000NE
Spectre 13-V000NF
Spectre 13-V000NG
Spectre 13-V000NI
Spectre 13-V000NIA
Spectre 13-V000NL
Spectre 13-V000NM
Spectre 13-V000NO
Spectre 13-V000NQ
Spectre 13-V000NT
Spectre 13-V000NU
Spectre 13-V000NV
Spectre 13-V000NX
Spectre 13-V001DX
Spectre 13-V001LA
Spectre 13-V001NA
Spectre 13-V001NC
Spectre 13-V001NE
Spectre 13-V001NF
Spectre 13-v001ng
Spectre 13-V001NI
Spectre 13-V001NIA
Spectre 13-V001NJ
Spectre 13-V001NL
Spectre 13-V001NM
Spectre 13-V001NP
Spectre 13-V001NQ
Spectre 13-v001ns
Spectre 13-V001NT
Spectre 13-V001NU
Spectre 13-V001NV
Spectre 13-V001NX
Spectre 13-V001UR
Spectre 13-V002NE
Spectre 13-V002NF
Spectre 13-v002ng
Spectre 13-V002NL
Spectre 13-V002NO
Spectre 13-v002TU
Spectre 13-V002UR
Spectre 13-V003NC
Spectre 13-V003NL
Spectre 13-V004TU
Spectre 13-V005TU
Spectre 13-V005UR
Spectre 13-V006TU
Spectre 13-V006UR
Spectre 13-V007TU
Spectre 13-v007ur
Spectre 13-V009TU
Spectre 13-V010CA
Spectre 13-V010NB
Spectre 13-V010TU
Spectre 13-V011ND
Spectre 13-V011TU
Spectre 13-V012TU
Spectre 13-V014TU(W6T89PA)
Spectre 13-V015TU(W6T90PA)
Spectre 13-V016TU(W6T91PA)
Spectre 13-V017TU
Spectre 13-V018CA
Spectre 13-V018TU
Spectre 13-V020TU
Spectre 13-V021NR
Spectre 13-V021TU
Spectre 13-V022TU
Spectre 13-V023TU
Spectre 13-V024TU
Spectre 13-V025TU
Spectre 13-V026TU
Spectre 13-V028TU
Spectre 13-V029TU
Spectre 13-V030TU
Spectre 13-V031TU
Spectre 13-V032TU
Spectre 13-V033TU
Spectre 13-V035TU
Spectre 13-V036TU
Spectre 13-V037TU
Spectre 13-V038TU
Spectre 13-V039TU
Spectre 13-V040TU
Spectre 13-V041TU
Spectre 13-V050NA
Spectre 13-v050nw
Spectre 13-V050SA
Spectre 13-V051NA
Spectre 13-V051SA
Spectre 13-V056NZ
Spectre 13-V070NW
Spectre 13-V080NZ
Spectre 13-v100
Spectre 13-V100NA
Spectre 13-V100NB
Spectre 13-V100NC
Spectre 13-V100NE
Spectre 13-V100NH
Spectre 13-V100NI
Spectre 13-V100NIA
Spectre 13-V100NK
Spectre 13-V100NL
Spectre 13-V100NN
Spectre 13-V100NO
Spectre 13-V100NS
Spectre 13-V100NT
Spectre 13-V100NV
Spectre 13-V100NX
Spectre 13-V100UR
Spectre 13-V101DX
Spectre 13-V101LA
Spectre 13-V101NC
Spectre 13-V101NE
Spectre 13-V101NF
Spectre 13-v101ng
Spectre 13-V101NI
Spectre 13-V101NIA
Spectre 13-V101NJ
Spectre 13-V101NK
Spectre 13-V101NO
Spectre 13-V101NP
Spectre 13-V101NS
Spectre 13-V101NT
Spectre 13-V101NX
Spectre 13-V101TU
Spectre 13-V101UR
Spectre 13-V102NA
Spectre 13-V102NC
Spectre 13-V102NE
Spectre 13-V102NF
Spectre 13-V102NH
Spectre 13-V102NL
Spectre 13-V102NN
Spectre 13-V102NO
Spectre 13-V102NX
Spectre 13-V102TU
Spectre 13-V102UR
Spectre 13-V103NA
Spectre 13-V103NE
Spectre 13-V103NF
Spectre 13-v103ng
Spectre 13-V103NO
Spectre 13-V103NP
Spectre 13-V103NS
Spectre 13-V103NX
Spectre 13-V103TU
Spectre 13-V103UR
Spectre 13-V104NA
Spectre 13-v104ng
Spectre 13-V104NO
Spectre 13-V104TU
Spectre 13-V104UR
Spectre 13-V105NA
Spectre 13-V105NF
Spectre 13-v105ng
Spectre 13-V105NO
Spectre 13-V105TU
Spectre 13-V106NA
Spectre 13-V106NF
Spectre 13-V106NG
Spectre 13-V106TU
Spectre 13-V107NB
Spectre 13-V107NF
Spectre 13-V107TU
Spectre 13-V108NF
Spectre 13-V108TU
Spectre 13-V109NF
Spectre 13-V109TU
Spectre 13-V110CA
Spectre 13-V110NF
Spectre 13-V110TU
Spectre 13-V111NF
Spectre 13-V112NF
Spectre 13-V112TU
Spectre 13-V113NF
Spectre 13-V113NZ
Spectre 13-V114NF
Spectre 13-V114TU
Spectre 13-V115NB
Spectre 13-V115NF
Spectre 13-V116NF
Spectre 13-V118CA
Spectre 13-V118TU
Spectre 13-V119TU
Spectre 13-V120TU
Spectre 13-V121TU
Spectre 13-V122TU
Spectre 13-V123tu
Spectre 13-V124TU
Spectre 13-V125TU
Spectre 13-V126TU
Spectre 13-V127TU
Spectre 13-V128TU
Spectre 13-V129TU
Spectre 13-v130ng
Spectre 13-V130TU
Spectre 13-v131ng
Spectre 13-V131TU
Spectre 13-v132ng
Spectre 13-V132TU
Spectre 13-v133ng
Spectre 13-V133TU
Spectre 13-V135TU
Spectre 13-V136TU
Spectre 13-V137TU
Spectre 13-V138TU
Spectre 13-V139TU
Spectre 13-V140TU
Spectre 13-V141TU
Spectre 13-V142TU
Spectre 13-V150NA
Spectre 13-V150NW
Spectre 13-V150SA
Spectre 13-V151NA
Spectre 13-V151NR
Spectre 13-V151SA
Spectre 13-V160NZ
Spectre 13-V161NZ
Spectre 13-V170NW
Spectre 13-V190NZ
Spectre 13-V191NZ
Spectre 13-V194NZ
Spectre 13-V199NIA
Spectre 13-V199NP
Spectre Pro 13 G1 X2F00EA
Spectre Pro 13 G1-X2F01EA
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2 difference converter of this model (another model: CS-HPS132NB)

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