Laptop Batter for ACER Aspire 1360LC, 1362 etc.


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Item No.: CS-AC240HB Capacity: 6600mAh Type: Li-ion Voltage: 14.8V Rate: 97.68Wh Color: Dark grey Dimension: 273.95 x 73.00 x 21.40mm EAN Code: 4894128011743 Net Weight: 607g / 21.41oz Gross Weight: 877g / 30.94oz

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2 in stock

Fit Model:
Aspire 1360LC
Aspire 1362
Aspire 1362LC
Aspire 1362LCi
Aspire 1362LM
Aspire 1362LMi
Aspire 1362WLC
Aspire 1362WLCi
Aspire 1362WLM
Aspire 1362WLMi
Aspire 1363
Aspire 1363LC
Aspire 1363LCi
Aspire 1363LMi
Aspire 1363WLCi
Aspire 1363WLM
Aspire 1363WLMi
Aspire 1365
Aspire 1365LCi
Aspire 1365LMi
Aspire 1520
Aspire 1520LMi
Aspire 1521
Aspire 1521LCi
Aspire 1521LMi
Aspire 1522
Aspire 1522LC
Aspire 1522LMi
Aspire 1522WLM
Aspire 1522WLMi
Aspire 1523
Aspire 1523LMi
Aspire 1523WLM
Aspire 1523WLMi
Aspire 1524
Aspire 1524LMi
Aspire 1524WLM
Aspire 1524WLMi
Aspire 1610
Aspire 1610LM
Aspire 1612
Aspire 1612LM
Aspire 1612LMi
Aspire 1613
Aspire 1613LC
Aspire 1613LM
Aspire 1613LMi
Aspire 1620
Aspire 1620LC
Aspire 1620LMi
Aspire 1621
Aspire 1621LC
Aspire 1621LM
Aspire 1621LMi
Aspire 1622
Aspire 1622LC
Aspire 1622LM
Aspire 1622LMi
Aspire 1622WLM
Aspire 1622WLMi
Aspire 1623
Aspire 1623LM
Aspire 1623LMi
Aspire 1624
Aspire 1624LM
Aspire 1624LMi
Aspire 1624WLM
Aspire 1660
Aspire 1660WLMi
Aspire 1661
Aspire 1661LM
Aspire 1661LMi
Aspire 1661WLC
Aspire 1661WLCi
Aspire 1661WLM
Aspire 1661WLMi
Aspire 1662
Aspire 1662LC
Aspire 1662LM
Aspire 1662LMi
Aspire 1662WLM
Aspire 1662WLMi
Aspire 1663
Aspire 1663LM
Aspire 1663LMi
Aspire 1663WLM
Aspire 1663WLMi
Aspire 1664
Aspire 1664LM
Aspire 1664LMi
Aspire 1664WLCi
Aspire 1664WLM
Aspire 1664WLMi
Aspire 3010
Aspire 5010
Aspire 5012LMi
Aspire 5012WLMi
Aspire 5014LMi
Aspire 5014WLMi
Extensa 2000
Extensa 2001LC
Extensa 2001LM
Extensa 2500
Extensa 2501FLC
Extensa 2501LC
Extensa 2501LM
ravelMate 242LM
TravelMate 2000
TravelMate 2001
TravelMate 2001FX
TravelMate 2001LC
TravelMate 2001LCe
TravelMate 2001LCi
TravelMate 2001LM
TravelMate 2001LMe
TravelMate 2001XC
TravelMate 2003
TravelMate 2003LC
TravelMate 2003LCe
TravelMate 2003LM
TravelMate 2003LMe
TravelMate 240
TravelMate 242FX(MS2138)
TravelMate 242LC
TravelMate 242LCi
TravelMate 242LMi
TravelMate 242X
TravelMate 242XC
TravelMate 242XM
TravelMate 243LC
TravelMate 243LCH
TravelMate 243X
TravelMate 243XH
TravelMate 243Xi
TravelMate 244LCi
TravelMate 244LC-XPP
TravelMate 250
TravelMate 2500
TravelMate 2500LC
TravelMate 2501
TravelMate 2501LC
TravelMate 2501LCi
TravelMate 2501LM
TravelMate 2501LMi
TravelMate 2501XC
TravelMate 2502
TravelMate 2502LC
TravelMate 2502LCi
TravelMate 2502LM
TravelMate 2502LMi
TravelMate 2503
TravelMate 2504
TravelMate 2504LC
TravelMate 250LC
TravelMate 250LCi
TravelMate 250PE
TravelMate 250PEXC
TravelMate 252ELC
TravelMate 252ELCi
TravelMate 254ELCi
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Dimensions 273.95 × 73.00 × 21.4 mm

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