Brand New Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Satellite P500 etc.


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Item No.: CS-TOP500NB Capacity: 4400mAh Type: Li-ion Voltage: 10.8V Rate: 47.52Wh Color: Black Dimension: 207.40 x 95.60 x 20.50mm EAN Code: 4894128119418 Net Weight: 363g / 12.80oz Gross Weight: 513g / 18.10oz

R903 R941

5 in stock

Fit Model:
Dynabook Qosmio GXW/70LW
Qosmio 90LW
Qosmio 97K
Qosmio 97L
Qosmio G60
Qosmio G60/97K
Qosmio G65
Qosmio G65W
Qosmio GXW/70LW
Qosmio X500
Qosmio X500-03L
Qosmio X500-04N
Qosmio X500-058
Qosmio X500-067
Qosmio X500-06C
Qosmio X500-10Q
Qosmio X500-10T
Qosmio X500-10V
Qosmio X500-10W
Qosmio X500-10X
Qosmio X500-116
Qosmio X500-11D
Qosmio X500-11M
Qosmio X500-11Q
Qosmio X500-122
Qosmio X500-125
Qosmio X500-128
Qosmio X500-12D
Qosmio X500-12F
Qosmio X500-12N
Qosmio X500-134
Qosmio X500-13R
Qosmio X500-140
Qosmio X500-148
Qosmio X500-149
Qosmio X500-14C
Qosmio X500-14D
Qosmio X500-14W
Qosmio X500-167
Qosmio X500-Q840S
Qosmio X500-Q895S
Qosmio X500-Q900S
Qosmio X500-Q930X
Qosmio X500-S1801
Qosmio X500-S1811
Qosmio X500-S1812
Qosmio X500-S1812X
Qosmio X505
Qosmio X505-Q8100X
Qosmio X505-Q8102X
Qosmio X505-Q8104X
Qosmio X505-Q830
Qosmio X505-Q832
Qosmio X505-Q850
Qosmio X505-Q860
Qosmio X505-Q862
Qosmio X505-Q865
Qosmio X505-Q870
Qosmio X505-Q875
Qosmio X505-Q879
Qosmio X505-Q880
Qosmio X505-Q882
Qosmio X505-Q885
Qosmio X505-Q887
Qosmio X505-Q888
Qosmio X505-Q890
Qosmio X505-Q892
Qosmio X505-Q893
Qosmio X505-Q894
Qosmio X505-Q896
Qosmio X505-Q898
Satellite P500
Satellite P500-01C
Satellite P500-01R
Satellite P500-024
Satellite P500-025
Satellite P500-026
Satellite P500-12D
Satellite P500-12F
Satellite P500-14L
Satellite P500-1CG
Satellite P500-1DT
Satellite P500-1DW
Satellite P500-1DX
Satellite P500-1DZ
Satellite P500-1F8
Satellite P500-BT2G22
Satellite P500-BT2G23
Satellite P500-BT2N20
Satellite P500-BT2N23
Satellite P500D-ST5805
Satellite P500-ST5801
Satellite P500-ST6821
Satellite P505
Satellite P505D-S8930
Satellite P505D-S8934
Satellite P505D-S8935
Satellite P505-S8940
Satellite P505-S8941
Satellite P505-S8945
Satellite P505-S8946
Satellite P505-S8950
Satellite P505-ST5800
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Dimensions 207.40 × 95.60 × 20.5 mm

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